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Choosing The Right Size Truck And Securing Your Cargo

Finally, you are moving, and the packing is almost done. But you don’t know which vehicle size would be appropriate for your move. You don’t want to choose a truck that fills up quickly while you’re still left with many packed boxes, furniture, or appliances. At the same time, you don’t want to book a large vehicle with so much space that it wastes a lot of your money. So, how do you choose the right size truck to secure your cargo efficiently?

In this blog, we will create awareness on the following two topics:

  • Selecting the Appropriate Truck Size: Guidance on choosing an appropriately sized truck for moving. This will include factors such as the cargo type, the items’ weight and volume.
  • Properly Securing Cargo: Tips and techniques for safely and securely loading and fastening cargo in the truck to prevent damage and ensure safety during transportation. This will involve using straps, nets, tie-downs, other securing devices, and best practices for distributing weight and organizing items.

By the end of this blog, you’ll understand how to choose the perfect truck size and properly secure your cargo for a smooth and efficient move.

How To Select the Right Truck Size?

No one knows your belongings—such as furniture, appliances, and other items—better than you do. The first step in deciding on the right truck size for moving your house or office is to look around and determine what you will take with you and leave behind. Doing this lets you book the right truck size that suits your cargo and avoid any last-minute inconveniences.

1. Count the Bedrooms:

One way to start selecting the appropriate truck size for moving your possessions is by counting the bedrooms in your house. Although this method doesn’t provide an exact calculation, it offers a useful estimate. By knowing the number of bedrooms, you can give this information to your truck rental service, and they will suggest an appropriate truck size based on their charts, which show the recommended truck sizes for different types of homes.

However, keep in mind that this system is not perfect, as it doesn’t account for variations in the amount of furniture. For example, a master bedroom with lots of furniture and belongings will require more space than a minimally furnished room. Therefore, while this estimate is a good starting point, you should also consider the specific amount and size of your furniture and belongings to ensure you choose the right truck size.

2. Measure the Total Cubic Feet:

For a more consistent and reliable result, try this method: measuring the total cubic feet of your belongings. While this takes time and effort, it provides a more accurate estimate than simply counting bedrooms.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Know Your Items: Take inventory of your items and the space they will occupy.
  • Measure Cubic Feet: Measure the cubic feet of the items in each room and add them up. Focus on larger, bulkier items like appliances, mattresses, sofas, and cupboards to get exact and reliable information.
  • Use Boxes: For a better idea, pack your items into boxes. This will help you understand the boxes’ number and total cubic feet.
  • Leave Smaller Items: You can skip measuring smaller items individually if they will be packed into boxes.

Calculating the total cubic feet will give you a more accurate idea of the space your belongings will take up in the truck. This method helps you choose the right truck size and avoid any last-minute issues.

How To Properly Secure My Cargo?

Now that we are done with the first step—finding and selecting the right size truck for your cargo—we can move on to the second half of this blog.

Securing your cargo involves two main tasks: loading and unloading. Efficiently loading and unloading your stuff onto the truck significantly impacts the final stage of moving—the successful completion of the entire moving process.

1. Start With Creating A Loading Plan:

Before you start loading your truck, take some time to create a plan outlining where you will place each item. This way, you can save a lot of time and effort. Make sure all your belongings are packed safely and securely before loading them onto the truck. Trust us; you’ll thank us for the time saved and the peace of mind of knowing your items are well-organized and protected.

2. Load Heavy And Bulky Objects First:

When loading your moving truck, it’s best to first place heavy furniture and bulky appliances. This creates a stable foundation for lighter items and helps prevent damage during transportation.

3. Balance The Load Equally:

Remember to evenly distribute the weight of your items in the truck to keep the vehicle balanced and easy to drive.

4. Protect The Belongings:

It’s important to use straps and ropes to keep your belongings safe and prevent them from damaging during the shift. Use padding or blankets to take extra care of fragile items to protect them from damage during transport.

Which Truck Should I Opt For?

1. Pickup Truck:

Pickup trucks are small vehicles with an open cargo area at the back. They are suitable for transporting limited items, making them ideal for small moves. Pickup trucks are versatile and easy to manoeuvre but have limited space compared to larger trucks.

2. Cargo Van:

Cargo vans are enclosed vehicles with a spacious cargo area in the back. They offer more space than pickup trucks, making them suitable for moving out of a studio apartment or dorm room with slightly larger items. Cargo vans protect from the elements and are easy to load and unload.

3. Small Truck:

Small trucks, also known as box trucks or panel vans, have a larger enclosed cargo area than pickup trucks and cargo vans. They are suitable for moving out of a studio or small one-bedroom apartment, accommodating more furniture and belongings. Small trucks also offer better protection for your items during transportation.

4. Medium Truck:

Medium trucks are suitable for moving out of a 2-3 bedroom apartment or a small 1-2 bedroom house. Medium trucks can accommodate many furniture and boxes, making them ideal for medium-sized moves.

5. Large Truck:

Large trucks, often called moving trucks or box trucks, are the largest option for residential moves. They offer ample space for moving out of a 2-5 bedroom house, accommodating furniture, appliances, and boxes of various sizes. Large trucks are suitable for long-distance moves and can handle heavy loads.

Pick the Best Truck from Tawheed Pickup Rental; We’ll Secure Your Cargo

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