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The Ultimate Guide to Moving Antique Furniture Safely in Dubai

If you’re worried about safeguarding your cherished antique furniture during a move, your concern is justified. Moving these items demands a higher level of care compared to standard household goods and appliances.

Antique furniture often carries sentimental and monetary value, making its safe transport crucial. Whether you’re relocating within Dubai or moving into the city, understanding the intricacies of handling such delicate items is essential.

Today, you will read about tips for moving furniture safely in Dubai. Read about it below!

Tips For Moving Antique Furniture

The following tips will give you a good idea of the thought process and strategy for moving furniture.

1. Clearing The Path In Your Home:

Whether you have large and heavy antique furniture or small, you need a clear path to move safely. The path you will use to move the antique furniture must be clear of fixtures or other furniture. If lighting fixtures cannot be moved, consider planning a new route. Also, roll carpets out of the way to avoid snagging and tripping.

2. Picking Up Your Attire And Equipment Carefully:

After wrapping and packing up your furniture, it should be safe. But while you’re going for it, you must be careful with what you’ll wear. For instance, you might want to remove your accessories and other clothing that may be in between your antique furniture. Always be careful, as you might scratch or chip your valuable items.

3. Take Your Time During The Move:

Antique furniture can be valuable and fragile. You should be more cautious and patient when moving it. You must move slowly and try your best not to hit wall corners or edges of any other furniture, staircase, doors, or walls.

If you can, ensure you have someone around you who will alert you of obstacles or if any of your antique furniture is at risk of falling. If you are using professional movers, they’ll move it for you without chipping or damaging your antique furniture.

4. Lift Everything And Don’t Drag Them:

Remember that you need one hand under furniture when lifting it, but that might not be enough and possible due to its size or shape. However, you can still maintain a firm grip on the item’s base when moving it. You can lift instead of drag. Dragging a piece of furniture on a carpet can damage it, as can dragging your floor or carpet.

Always remember that antiques can be breakable. The vibrations caused by towing or dragging can shake the components loose or chip the joints. Dragging may seem easy to you, but it’s not ideal even if you wrap the furniture inside out with protective materials or moving blankets.

5. Dolly Comes To Your Rescue:

Do not hesitate to place your antique furniture on a dolly. This will give you two advantages when moving it from point A to point B: You will have full control over its weight, and keeping it stable will be easier.

Dolly allows you to stay concentrated on what’s up ahead. If you have ever moved anything, you should know how tricky it is to move backwards. A dolly assists you in easily navigating tight corners, narrow pathways, and stairs. It will also make it easier for you to load and unload antique furniture.

6. Protect Your Antique Furniture Finds:

Before you put the furniture into a moving vehicle, make sure that you strap it down. Use the strap to attach it to a dolly or a cart for maxed-out stability while moving.

If you don’t have straps, you can use extra wrapping material to keep the furniture in place. Always ask the dealer for assistance loading your new item; they are happy to help!

7. Consider Hiring Professional Movers For This:

We know that you will often handle most of the preparation, wrapping, and packing on your own, but we would advise you to give this task to professionals who have trucks and trailers with spacious storage inside them to accommodate large pieces of furniture easily. They have special equipment and gear to safely lift, load, and unload the furniture at the pickup and drop-off points.

Professional moving companies understand how to move antique furniture, regardless of its weight and size, for better safety and stability during transit. They can even use extra straps to keep the furniture in one place during the ride.

8. Only Work With Insured Movers When Moving Antique Furniture:

Moving companies and shippers must be insured. However, the coverage amount or type can be different between moving companies. Some only pay for minimum coverage, while others have extensive coverage. When moving fragile items and valuables, choose a moving company with insurance and liability coverage to pay back for any damage or loss.

9. Protect It From Humidity And Temperature Swings:

Moving antique furniture over long distances can take days or even weeks. However, a changing environment can harm it, especially over lengthy periods. This is particularly concerning for wooden pieces.

Research about how to preserve the furniture, what temperatures are right, and the ideal packing and wrapping materials. Also, pick a different time and date to move the furniture in ideal weather.

10. It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint:

Don’t rush when moving antique furniture. Everyone knows that it’s already difficult to preserve and extend life and usefulness. Go a little slow, and be extra careful. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You can always ask for help. We recommend that you seek professional help.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to do when planning to move to a new place and how to move your antique furniture.

Since antique furniture is valuable, it needs special care during the move. This guide offers tips for moving antique furniture smoothly and safely. Looking to move your antique furniture safely? You may need the help of our furniture moving company in Dubai. Get in touch with us, the top furniture movers in Dubai. Our skilled experts are experienced in handling precious items. Reach out to us and enjoy peace of mind with the best movers in Dubai.

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